Pedro Tiago Martins


My research focuses on the evolution of speech and vocal learning, and their role in the emergence of language more broadly. The sound side of language is what I’m most interested in. I am also interested in the conceptual issues that arise when studying the evolution of language and its subcomponents.

I got my PhD (cum laude) in Cognitive Science and Language at the University of Barcelona, under the supervision of Cedric Boeckx and Bridget D. Samuels. It got two awards: the XXVI Premi Claustre de Doctors in 2022 and the Premi Extraordinari de Doctorat in 2021.

I currently live in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

People often end up on my website because of a LaTeX Guide for Beginners I wrote a few years ago.

I recently taught a Biolinguistics class at the University of Nova Gorica as a Visiting Assistant Professor (Spring 2024).

email: ptmartins[at]pm[dot]me
twitter/X: @ptsgmartins
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