I carry out my research as part of Biolinguistics Initiative Barcelona (BIB), headed by Cedric Boeckx.

Starting Fall 2016, I will be a graduate student at the University of Barcelona.

Previously, I obtained a B.A. in Language Sciences from the University of Porto (2011), an M.A. in Cognitive Science and Language from the University of Barcelona (2013), under Cedric Boeckx, and an M.Sc. in Brain and Cognition from Pompeu Fabra University (2015), under Luca Bonatti and Juan Manuel Toro.

My main research area is biolinguistics, an interdisciplinary research program that aims to unveil the biological foundations of human language. This endeavor forces a reorientation of the study of language towards the life sciences.

I am currently interested in the biological nature and evolution of human speech and phonology.

I have also been a member of the Phonology Group of the Center of Linguistics of the University of Porto since 2008, and more recently the phon’up group, both under the coordination of João Veloso.

At the moment, I also collaborate with the Department of Knowledge Technologies at Jožef Stefan Institute, headed by Nada Lavrač.

snail mail:

Biolinguistics Initiative Barcelona
Universitat de Barcelona
Departament de Lingüística General
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 585
08007 Barcelona


ptsgmartins <at> gmail <dot> com